Should Skinning Be A Fashion Statement?

Posted on March 24, 2011 by


Bad Taste or Cutting edge Fashion?

During a fashion show in Paris, Jean-Paul Gaultier collection involved a range of different fox heads as hats on the catwalk, to be cutting edge fashion. This caused a great anti-fur brigade, many campaigners and viewers who believe strongly in animal rights were outraged. The designer quoted “I love fur. I have always used fur,” this is the response to his defence, revealing that fur is fashion not cruelty.

Many celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan are following this trend, where will this lead?
Is this trend going to escalate, where it is seen ok to where animals such as fox’s heads as hats, what effect is this going to have on the animals? It may be starting with a fox but how may this cutting edge fashion aspire, what other animals are going to become fashionable for both there warmth and coloured fur.
Is this right? Should animals be worn as a fashion statement?

Have your say on whether you think it’s Bad Taste or Cutting edge Fashion?