Should Animal testing be Phased out?

Posted on March 24, 2011 by


Is British law the reason to why animal testing hasn’t been stopped! The law states that all new medicines and drugs must be tested on two different mammals at least, for the protection and well being of humans. But is it fair that Animal experimentation kills untold millions of animals every year across the world. Rats, mice, hamsters, rabbits, dogs, cats, monkeys, pigs, sheep, chickens, and many other animals die, often without even being counted.

Animal testing is not just used for Medicines and drugs, it is used for a range of products we rely on everyday such as:
Household products
Food additives

It is no longer allowed in Britain to test beauty products on animals because it is something we use for our own vanity an not a necessity use however, all over the world animal testing is still permitted for the use of our own pleasure, should this still be going on? If Britain has already made it illegal will others follow?
Companies around the globe such as Body Shop are producing products that are animal friendly, there are many alternative routes to test chemicals, and carry out experiments for improvements in medicine and other products, so why are animals still suffering? One of the alternatives is human tissue, this has been found to be more precise, and reliable than any number of animals, by using just human tissue and a test tube a accurate result is able to be uncounted, so why are animal testing still legal?

A survey was carried out, the question asked was do you agree or disagree with this statement:
” If a beauty product was created to be the same quality and the same price as a beauty product tested on animals, i would choose the beauty product that did not include animal testing.”

So why hasn’t animal testing been phased out, it do doesn’t benefit the animals, it doesn’t benefit the users because there are alternative experiments that can produce the same results, so therefore why is animal testing still being used as a method to test products?
Share your views on what you think is right and wrong! Should animal testing be phased out?