Should Shooting be a Sport?

Posted on March 23, 2011 by


Why should wildlife management agencies forcefully breed deers so the population stay at an almighty high, does this make hunting ineffective?

Should approximately 100 people die in hunting accidents in the United States every year?

Is hunting a sport or is to kill for pleasure?

Hunting with dogs, often kills the animals painfully and with fear?

Hunting involves unnecessary cruelty, as animal population control can be better done in other ways?

A ban has been placed on hunters using dogs however the majority of hunters still hunt with dog, why?

Fox hunting serves no purpose, it’s not sport it is unnecessary sadism. Does the fox get a say? Can chasing and killing a defenceless animal be a sport? A law has been introduced banning hunting, is this wise? should we ban tradition? Share your views on what you think is right and wrong?

Conflict between the hunters and those who support animal rights, after the ban of fox hunting. What hunters think to the law, an how they have they changed there sport to apply to the new law.